Trip to Schloß Eggenberg

On April 27th, the 2B and the 2C braved the cold, grey weather to visit the neighbouring Schloss Eggenberg. There, we were taken on a guided tour called “1000 und 1 Pracht” (1000 and One Splendour), where we learned about all of the secrets contained within the building materials and walls of the Schloss. We then got to explore different areas of the Museum of Archaeology, visiting stations and learning about the Strettweg Cult Wagon, Roman Inscriptions, and Egyptian Mummies.

The program was led by: Ms. Pfistermüller, Ms. Schatz, Ms. Miller, Ms. Bichler


What we learned from this field trip:


“Do not chase the peacocks.”


“The glass was put into a box with butter so it would not break on the bumpy road. It was transported by chariots from Venice to Graz.”


“We went into a museum and learned about Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and the Bronze Age. The Cult Wagon was found by a farmer, who thought it was a toy and gave it to his children. But it was actually a history artefact.”


“For me personally, the Cult Wagon was the most interesting thing I saw. It was dirty and the bronze has already turned green, but I think that gave it a really nice and unique touch.”


“The trip was interesting. I didn’t even know that the roof tiles were so big or that they produced nails by themselves. ”


“The Ancient Romans put the dead peoples’ faces and their professions onto the gravestone so you could identify the people. Most of their noses are gone because the rich people needed the material for building new things. I also learned that you could identify if a skeleton is a man or a woman by looking at the size of their pelvis.”


“We sang many funny songs with Ms. Pehsl. It was very cool. “I am a sailor” was one of those songs.”


“On a gloomy and cold Wednesday, the magnificent 2c went on a historical expedition to Schloss Eggenberg. The angel statues, who seemed like guardian angels, with the symbol of a peacock and the castle itself, were the embodiment of beauty.”


“They built Schloss Eggenberg in 60 years. Everything was handmade. If you wanted to make a belt, you needed to have someone to make the leather, someone to cast the iron, and someone who put all the pieces together.”


Don’t give the peacocks anything to eat.


One peacock snatched a nut from my snack box.


It is interesting to know when a pharaoh is mummified, their servants will also die to serve them in the afterlife.

Question by Philipp Neudeck:

What’s the name of the craftsman who made the bed’s decoration?

2c Answer:


Correct answer:

Bortenmacher oder Posamentierer

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