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Dear Students, This form is made exclusively for GIBS students. It allows you to either send us your input confidentially or with your e-mail address and class, which would allow us to get in contact with you. You can share your requests, proposals, concerns, ideas, and any questions concerning our work openly. We, the GIBS Student Representative Team, will get back to you the latest one week later and will take your feedback/input into account as soon as possible. If you have any requests or feedback for teachers in general or regarding specific lessons or schoolwork, we ask that you please contact them directly. Your School Rep Team Link: online form

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Student Representatives

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The Women Rock-IT program provides informative, educational programming throughout the year so that women can connect, thrive, and reach their potential.

Stay tuned for more events in the coming year so that you too can be a part of the future of IT.

Link: Women Rock-IT – Cisco

Antonia Hill (7i) would like to help spread awareness on dyslexia. Find out about dyslexia and get first hand information on her channels.   Website Podcast Instagram    

Classes 2022/2023

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Student Newspaper

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Studying Abroad

Information for Students Spending a Year Abroad

If a student attends school for at least five months, the student has legally passed the year. If the stay is shorter than five months the student has to take make up exams in every subject. The student has to bring a confirmation of school attendance, and school report card in order to ensure the acknowledgement of all courses.

  • Application for leave (principal) by the parents.
  • Inform KV and (upper school students) tutors (Ms. Conrad, Ms. Schatz).
  • The students have to make any effort possible to finish their courses at GIBS before they leave, so they can get the credits for them. They have to talk to the corresponding course teachers early enough to find out about extra work to pass the courses before the end of the semester.
  • In January the students have to register via email (on the Gibs homepage/ coursebook) for the courses, which will take place in the following year.
  • The students should keep in touch with their colleagues at GIBS, so they can catch up on the subjects they will need for their “MATURA” in year 8.
  • When the students return, Mrs. Conrad will tutor them and assess their work abroad, so they can get credits for their work abroad.
  • It might also be a good idea to think of doing research abroad for the paper (Vorwissenschaftliche Arbeit/Extendes Essay[IBDP]) all students have to do for their Matura/IBDP.
  • GIBS strongly supports students who want to go abroad as this means a great  chance to improve language and personal skills.

Class Representatives

Class Class Representative Class Rep. 2
1A Jakob Schaffer Noemi Eger
1B Ferdinand Fingerlos Elina Brunnsteiner
1C Claire Robertson Levin Siegl
2A Anna Mick Mateus Weiss
2B Benjamin Possert Audrey Schuppler
2C Nora Bärnthaler Jonas Ogris
3A Zoë Robertson Lukas Fröschl
3B Valentin Huber Oliver Munro
3C Michael Lietz Alin Mohiden
4A Anna Marchl Flora Connert
4B Theo Werluschnig Aila Murakami
4C Linus Arvay Laura Theißl
5A Rafael Kozak Julia De Marbaix
5B Tobias Rothbart Benjamin Koller
5C Ella Dickson Dominik Bierbaumer
6A Sahan Loibnegger Miriam Sommer
6B Andrew Cho Amelie Lerch
6I Tran Tue Anh Vu Luna Bradan
7A Anya Mohiden Moritz Klar
7B Ida Yazdani Biuki Ben Haas
7I Zoe Maletz Florens Frisch
8A Amelie Fauster Sophie Jungwirth
8B Fridolin Springer Valentin Janisch
8I Emily Meixner Nathaniel Gaugy