No Borders

On the 28th and 29th GIBS students took part in an italian initiative to promote debating in Italian schools. Out of the 6 teams GIBS was ranked first winning both debates on the topic of standardised testing in schools. They did extremely well representing themselves and their school, promoting GIBS values on an international level. Iva Puljić (7a) and Antonia Hill (7i) did an exceptional job as first speakers setting up the debate while Camillo Villari (4b) and Nils Maletz (4c) should be particularly proud as our youngest debaters debating, representing year 4 for the first time! Special thanks also to Alma Rosemann (7i) who stepped in at the last minute,  with limited preparation time to give an excellent closing speech. They should all be immensely proud of themselves – we, their teachers, certainly are.

Congradulations and Great job!!

Mr Ó Cribin

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