Our trip to San Fernando

What a trip! What an amazing experience! When we left for Sevilla on Tuesday, the 26th of April, we had only the vaguest idea of what an unforgettable experience it would be for all of us. From beautiful city tours to Cádiz and Sevilla, breathtaking views from the Giralda (Sevilla) and the Torre Tavira (Cádiz), and more or less successful rowing experiences on the Plaza de España, to an introduction to the unique cámara oscura of Cádiz, from churros con chocolate breakfasts to sunsets at the beach, from an entertaining flamenco class (what a difficult dance to learn!) to zumba and pádel sessions, from an overwhelmingly “fishy” marketplace to a beautiful kayak session – a bit of everything really, and it was just so much fun! What wonderful host families, good food, perfect weather, so much light, so many colours, and ever so many bocadillos in extensive lunch packets. How grateful we all feel to have had this amazing experience, and how much we hope that we will stay in touch and consolidate our friendships in future gatherings!

Thank you 5abc for being such great travel companions, for your cooperation and patience, for making it possible that this trip become such a memorable experience for us all!

Agni Psilinakis & Eva Hofer-Herrmuth

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