GIBS Performs at the TRIBUNA Festival

GIBS teachers and students joined together on May 22nd and May 23rd to perform at the TRIBUNA Festival, a two-day language festival hosted by the Iberoamerika Institute.  This festival takes place every year at the Universitätzentrum Wall and features a different country every year – this year was all about ‘Colombia’.  On the evening of May 22nd, students in years 7 and 8, along with Ms. Canizares, Ms. Macrae, Ms. Montero, Ms. Psilinakis and Ms. Tez sang ‘Juego a Que Me Quemo’, a Colombian folk song arranged by Colombian composer and conductor Julian Giraldo Gomez.  GIBS co-teacher and professional guitarist David Dahoruch joined on guitar, along with professional Argentinian percussionist Pablito Bertone, who organized a percussion group consisting of Felix Kanzler and Olivia Platzgummer 1c, and Paul Samec 4a. Later the same evening, 1a students Aurora Liepold Abreu and Katherinne Liepold Abreu were featured soloists in their native Spanish, accompanied by 1a classmates Diana Crivelli and Emma Roveda, and students in y8 along with David and Pablito.

The morning of May 23rd featured the GIBS Junior Choir singing ‘Encanto Mi Encanto’ by Lin Manuel Miranda, as well as ‘Mondo Paralelo’ by the Colombian pop group Monsieur Perine.  Laetita Taurer 3c performed Mazurka Glissando, by Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona.

It was a fun and musical two days for all!


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