Excursion to Grottenhof Farm

1C have been on their first school trip. On October 11th we all took the bus to Grottenhof farm. Ms. Heugle and Ms. Seiner came with us.

First our tour guides told us about the farm and organic farming. Then they led us to a giant hall with lots of tables and a delicious buffet.

After we ate we went to see the chickens and cows. It was nice and warm outside when we fed the animals. Then we went to see where the cows are milked and how they are milked.

After that we went to see some sheep – but not enough to count to make us fall asleep J

Afterwards we had a “flour tasting” and our very last stop was in the cheese room. To be honest it was better than it smelled.

The trip was great!

Rita, Jeremy and Roco 1c

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