Quando – quibuscum – quomodo – quo vadimus?


Sept 30, 2017: 23 Latin students of Year 7, Mr. Lambauer and Mrs. Schatz board the night train and 12 hours later they pull into Stazione Termini in Rome for their first impression of the Eternal City.

We spent five days in Rome exploring ancient and Christian sights.  Apart from Roman monuments (or their ruins), churches and museums we really enjoyed the tour to Ostia Antica and especially Ostia Mare.  Leapfrogging through history, we also familiarized ourselves with modern Roman culture (espressi, gelati, antipasti misti, pasta, picnics).

By the way: did you know that…

  • there are more than 2500 water fountains with potable water all over Rome and Ostia, but many of them were shut down due to the recent drought?
  • there are 551 steps up to the platform of St. Peter’s cupola?
  • the national monument for King Vittorio Emanuele II is called “The Wedding Cake” or “Type writer”?
  • the Pantheon is the best preserved ancient monument in Rome, known for its gigantic unfortified cement cupola?
  • that “SPQR” appears on all official documents as well as on coins and even on manhole covers in Rome?

AMOR-ROMA!  We all want to return very soon.

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