Eurolingua 2021

Many students represented GIBS successfully again in this year´s language competition Eurolingua 21. Due to the Covid 19 regulations alls competitions were carried out in written form only.

Here´s an overview of the great results:



Coach: Mag. a Marion RADL-KÄFER

6.Lernjahr, B2 Name Klasse Schulrang GIBS intern Landesrang (Steiermark)
Langsprache SPRINGERLilith 8a 1 GOLD 3 BRONZE
THEISSL Alexandra 8b 2 SILBER 8
KNAM Amina 8a 3 BRONZE 15
HUERTA PEREZ Teo 8b 4 17
REUMÜLLER Stella 8a 5 27
SCHÖPFER Constanze 8a 6 30
4. Lernjahr B1
Kurzsprache PSILINAKIS Mathias 8a 1 GOLD 1 GOLD



Coach: Mag. a Ursula SCHATZ

Schulrang Landesrang
3.Lernjahr GRÖBLACHER Lorenz 7b 2 SILBER 9
4.Lernjahr FUISZ Fiona 8a 1 GOLD 3 BRONZE
  REUMÜLLER Stella  8a 2 BRONZE 10
GAICH Florian 8a 4 13
KRENN Sarah 8b 5 19
GÜNTHER Anna 8a 6 23
RODLER Kerstin 8b 7 24



Coach: Mag.a Bettina ZWETTI

4.Lernjahr, B1 Schulrang Landesrang
SCHÖPFER Constanze 8a 1 GOLD 1 GOLD
KNAM Amina 8a 3 BRONZE 5
SPRINGER Lilith 8a 4 14

On behalf of the GIBS community we would like to thank everybody taking part in this competition and congratulate you all on your extraordinary achievements.

Coordination: Mag.a Radl-Käfer Marion

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