Entrepreneurship Education @ GIBS

The GIBS Geography Department proudly presents our successful examinees in the online examination Unternehmerführerschein® / Entrepreneur’s Skills Certificate® Module A by the Austrian Economic Chamber:

Seventeen highly motivated students from 4a, 4b and 4c couldn’t be stopped by the adverse conditions in the pandemic and achieved top results in the exam on April 8, 2019. Twelve of them passed with distinction, another four with merits.

Congratulations to our future entrepreneurs:

Nina Auer (4a), Angelina Ebersbach (4c), Lilian Ehler (4c), Marlene Feischl (4a), Thomas Götz (4c), Noelia Gutschi (4a), Leni Haas (4b), Armin Janser (4b), Marlene Katter (4a), Ida Krisper (4a), Amelie Lerch (4a), Hanna Reiter (4b), Matteo Roth (4a), Miriam Sommer (4c), Valentina Stock (4b) and Viktoria Tappler (4a).

Sonja Hermann and Michaela Blumrich for the Geography Department

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