The Austrian Parliament Online

This year, the students of 3abc took part in Demokratiewerkstatt workshops online organised by the Austrian parliament in Vienna. After some discussions about politics and democracy in general, they interviewed two members of the Austrian parliament. The students of 3c produced a podcast which has been published online. If you want to listen to it, follow this link:


Here is what 3c students thought about the workshop:

  • It was really interesting discussing our questions with the politicians. Emma
  • It was very cool and interesting to interview the politicians. Stella
  • I learned many new things about democracy and it was a lot of fun to talk about it. Niki
  • I thought that the workshop was really interesting and I also liked the way we communicated. I also thought that the way we were split into groups was nice. Anna
  • I really liked the workshop. It was very interesting to work with politicians and to interview them. I also learned new things about politics. Thank you. Oscar
  • I liked it a lot and learned many new things. Amina
  • It was my first time talking to someone from the parliament and I think it was quite interesting. Jana
  • I really liked the podcast. It was the first time I made one. Rhea
  • It was a very interesting experience getting to know more about the parliament. Enzo


Group A – Tuesday, May 4 2021

Group B – Thursday, May 6 2021


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