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On starting school, Year 1 students are supported by “companions”, i.e. students of year 2 or 3, who have volunteered to look after the newcomers throughout the school year.

European Day of Languages 

For the past 23 Years Gibs has also been very successfully celebrating the European Day of Languages in the middle of September. On that day Year 8 students teach Year 1 students – this involving outdoor games, competitions, dancing and solving puzzles. It has always been a rewarding experience – the older students passing down knowledge and instruction to the younger ones and building relationships with each other.

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School Trips in Lower School

• Year 1: Self-catering cabin experience
• Years 2 and 3: Ski trips (Planneralm, Obertauern)
• Year 4: Sports week

Optional classes

These are extra afternoon classes, mainly for lower school students. We currently offer
the following classes:
• Choir
• Typing
• Drama
• Debate Club
• Soccer
• Basketball

Student to Student Tutoring

• Students in need of tutoring approach the student reps
• Suitable peer tutors are allocated to the students who apply for tutoring
• Sessions are arranged individually
• Tutoring is free of charge

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At GIBS we aim to use a broad range of methods.

  • English is the language of instruction and communication
  • Cross-curricular projects
  • Open Learning / Self-directed learning
  • Social Learning: GIBSCARE
  • Peer tutoring
  • Workshops / Portfolios / Tasksheets / Reading Diaries
  • Intensive cooperation between all members of staff
  • Feedback culture (teaching evaluation)
  • Open channels of communication: weekly staff meetings for developing teaching materials, discussion and mediation
  • International team / teachers with international experience

Key Skills and Learning Strategies

The acquisition of key skills and learning strategies is given special emphasis in every subject at all levels, such as

  • teamwork skills
  • time management
  • conflict solving strategies
  • presentation techniques
  • responsible use of new media

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  • Language of instruction: English
  • Bilingual Teaching (German-English)
  • Years 1-8: English
  • Year 3: French or Spanish
  • Year 5: Latin, French, Spanish or Russian
  • Year 7: History – in English and French/Spanish
  • Native Speaking Language Assistants for all languages (E, F, Sp and Russian) GIBS is an Austrian state-funded school (“Gymnasium”). It covers eight years (four years in middle school, age 10 – 14 /grades 5 – 8, and four years in high school, age 14 – 18/ grades 9 – 12), leading up to the Austrian school-leaving examination (“Reifeprüfung”, also referred to as “Matura”). GIBS offers bilingual education (English/German) throughout all eight years of schooling as well as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in grades 11 and 12.

The first three months of Year 1 take the form of an intensive phase of language acquisition after which the students have reached a level of language competence which enables them to participate in lessons conducted in the target language.

Following the intensive phase, linguistic support for other subjects is provided in English classes by native English-speaking Co-teachers.

In Year 3 students can choose between French and Spanish as a second modern language. Further choice of Latin, French, Spanish or Russian is being offered starting in Year 5. In Year 7 History is taught in French/Spanish/English. In addition to this wide range of foreign languages, we offer our international students extensive course programs of German (DaZ) in the mornings and afternoons at the CEFR levels A1 – C1 (assessment according to § 18/12 SCHUG).

At present the school comprises more than 600 students and over 60 teaching staff. The team also includes English-, French-, Russian- and Spanish-speaking language assistants. This cultural and linguistic diversity enriches the school community and provides a wealth of experience and resources.

Pilot Projects and Language Programme

GIBS is currently running the following pilot projects:

Trips Abroad in Upper School:

  • Klasse: France / French-speaking Switzerland / Spain
  • Klasse: USA / Canada / Great Britain / Ireland
  • Klasse: France / Spain / Rome / St. Petersburg

Our aim is to establish links with schools in countries where English, French, Spanish, or Russian are spoken and to maintain long-term exchange partnerships. If it ever proves impossible to organize a home-to-home exchange, a trip abroad with instruction at a language school and accommodation with host families is offered.

Additional Offer / Intercultural Projects:

Optional classes

These are extra afternoon classes, mainly for lower school students. The following classes are currently on offer: Choir/Typing/Drama/Debate Club/Soccer/Basketball etc.

External Certificates

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • DELF (Diplome d´etudes de langue franςaise)
  • DELE (Diploma de enspañol lengua extranjera)

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  • After school care in English
  • Group lunch enjoyed together
  • Homework assistance
  • Additional learning assistance in the core subjects with GIBS teachers
  • Special emphasis on Math, Spanish, French and German (as a foreign language)
  • A variety of free time activities such as board games, sports in the gym, drama, climate action class, gardening, choir
  • Exchange of ideas and keeping in touch with parents on a regular basis

Special activities with all ACE students around Christmas and at the end of each school year.


As an international school, the study of language is very important to us. Our German as a Second Language (DaZ) courses run throughout the school year. Students learning German as a second language are grouped according to their skill levels, aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) at levels A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1.

New Student at GIBS?

New students participate in an informal interview at the beginning of the school year in order to help us find the best course for them.

German Language Tutoring Groups – Morning Classes

New students with little to no knowledge in German attend German language tutoring groups in the mornings. We offer separate courses for levels A0, A1, and A2. The aim is to enable students to participate in regular German lessons as soon as possible. Regular progress checks provide students and parents with feedback on their learning progress. German tutoring groups can be attended for a maximum of two years.


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