Admission IBDP (Grades 11-12)

Application process for international students for the IB and pre-IB programs (Grade 9-11)


Thank you for your interest in our pre-IB and IB programs.

Student placements are based on availability, residency and physical presence of both student and parent or legal guardian in Styria, and fluency in either English or German.   Please be aware that due to the limited number of available places, we are only able to offer students placements for the upcoming school year at the end of each academic year.


Information for Parents and Students

Link: IB-Information


The Application Process


Step 1: General Enquiry

Complete our international admissions form.


Step 2: Educational history and proof of residency

Upon request, please send copies of both your and your child’s proof of residency or intent of residency, ie.  Job offer, as well as your child’s most recent report cards.  Please also indicate a contact person at your child’s current school should any questions arise.


Step 3: School visit and appointment with admissions officer

A date will be arranged for you to visit the school and meet a member of the IB admissions team.  This meeting must be arranged in advance.


Step 4: Assessment

A date will be arranged for your child to be assessed in Math and English, and when applicable, German.  The written and oral assessment carries a fee of 50 euros per candidate. It is non-refundable.


Step 5: Formal Registration, required documents and enrollment

Following a formal decision on acceptance, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Agreement of payment of the yearly contribution to the support association as well as IB examination and assessment fees. In addition, students entering GIBS after grade 5 are required to submit a lump sum payment equal to the annual contributions from year one to the year in which the student starts attending GIBS. For example, a student entering in Year 6 will pay a lump sum for the annual contributions from grade 5-9.
  • Fee and Tuition

Being a state funded Austrian Gymnasium the Austrian Ministry covers the majority of costs. Your contribution:

  • the IB examination and mentoring fees for Extended Essay (EE) and internal assessments (IA)
  • costs for the IB textbooks
  • Proof of residency (Meldezettel) in Styria for both the student and his/ her parent or legal guardian, if not already completed in step 2.


Auditing students / Außerordentliche*r Schüler*in

Please be aware that students attending Austrian public schools who cannot be assessed in the standard curriculum for reasons indicated in the SchUG (Austrian Educational Law) are classified as auditing (außerordentlich) students.

Auditing students, while unable to be awarded an official national grade report in all subjects, are issued semester and end-of-year progress report indicating their attendance, participation and achievement in the subjects taken.  Their status as auditing students is reviewed at the end of the academic year and, based on academic performance and commitment, a decision is made by the principal and all subject teachers (Klassenkonferenz) as to whether or not the student can continue as an auditing student in the pre-IB or IB program at GIBS. Participation and regular attendance of all subject in the Austrian curriculum beyond the six IB subjects are mandatory.