US Ambassador Visits GIBS

Victoria Reggie Kennedy, the Ambassador of the United States of America in Austria, visited GIBS on April 6th during her first visit to Styria.


She was welcomed warmly by our choir in the garden and was very much impressed by the students’ musical flash mob and recorder-performance. In a meeting with a group of Year 1 students, she learned what was special for them about GIBS. During a discussion with the debate club (year 6 and 7 students), she was able to answer questions about the US involvement in Ukraine, the education system in the US, and the role of free speech in the US. She was particularly interested in their perception of social media as a means of communication among young people today. When giving a very special gift to Ms. Edda Berger-Cian – a biography of John F. Kennedy – she expressed how remarkable she found the bright young students at GIBS and how this visit has made her very optimistic about the future.

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