Trump – One Year in Office

On January 19, a panel discussion about Trump’s first year as the President of the United States of America took place at GIBS. The event was organised by the Austro-American Society for Styria (ÖAG,  After looking back at the first year of Trump’s presidency by selecting two events that stood out to them (e.g. the use of social media, cabinet appointments, relationship with the truth), the panellists answered the students’ questions, which ranged from US election campaigns to foreign policy issues.

Thank you very much to the panellists and the students for such an interesting discussion and to the ÖAG for the organisation of the event.


Panel: Kevin Blatz, Maureen Devine, Nina Gettler, Veada Stoff, Miles White

Moderator: Stefan Rabitsch

Organisation: Michael Fuchs, Bernhard Kettemann, Stefan Rabitsch


Andrea Kettemann

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