And the Medal Goes to …

GIBS students, Austria!!! Not only did Marcel Hirscher win his first golden medal at the Olympic Games on February 13 2018, but many students of GIBS also won medals at the Grazer Schi- und Snowboardmeisterschaften 2018 in Gaal. Almost 40 students took part and performed extremely well on the well groomed slopes in Gaal.

Top 3 results in skiing

  • Attila Banyai, 2nd U14
  • Thomas Kainz, 2nd U18
  • Theresa Görög, 3rd U12
  • Sarah Bauer, 3rd U16

Top 3 results in snowboardin

  • Marlene Kastner, 1st U14
  • Kilian Trummer, 1st U16
  • Anna Gröll, 2nd U16

On top of that GIBS students also won many medals in the various team competions.

We are proud of all the students who took part in the competitions and represented GIBS in such a remarkable manner.

Official and consolidated results by the  Schiclub Graz



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