Schulschimeisterschaften 2024

Schulschimeisterschaften 2024

This year, once again, almost 40 GIBS racers (snowboarders and skiers) competed in the Schulschimeisterschaften 2024 in Gaal and managed to win many prizes in different categories.


GIBS racers: Leni Haas-Vogl, Rita Kriegseisen, Elisabeth Dieng, Katharina Hatzl, Nora Zechner, Louis Pachleitner, Max Sieder, Oliver Kaiser, Hai Dang Le, Florentina Roth, Laura Atzler, Maxson Estebanez, Anna Vutuc, Violetta Hlade, Liliane Swoboda, Leonora Hochreiter, Sebastian Hußler, Paul Samec and our


TOP 10 racers:


  1. U 14 boys: Vincent Egger, 3A
  2. U 14 girls: Jolien Klösch, 3C
  3. U 12 boys: Benjamin Steinhart, 1C


U12 boys:

7 Elias Bliem, 1C

8 Joseph Weitzer, 1C

9 Luis Weitzer, 1B


U14 girls:

3 Anna Huber, 3A

5 Leni Pachleitner, 4B

19 Emilia Thelen, 4C


U14 boys:

10 Ferdinand Fingerlos, 2B

27 Jonas Ogris, 3C

45 Luis Koller-Prisching, 2A


U16 girls:

1 Marie Huber, 5B

3 Florentina Piffl-Percevic, 4C

9 Flora Connert, 5A


U16 boys:

15 Rafael Kozakj

18 Thomas Lemmerer

30 Michael Lietz


U18 girls:

1 Philomena Piffl-Percevic, 6A

3 Nina Kainz-Kaufmann, 6A




4 Kinder U12: Rita Kriegseisen, Elisabeth Dieng, Katharina Hatzl, Nora Zechner

2 Kinder U12: Elias Bliem, Joseph Weitzer, Luis Weitzer, Louis Pachleitner

1 Schüler U14: Anna Huber, Leni Pachleitner, Emilia Thelen, Florentina Roth

2 Schüler U16: Marie Huber, Florentina Piffl-Percevic, Flora Connert, Anna Vutuc

3 Schüler U16: Rafael Kozak, Thomas Lemmerer, Michael Lietz, Sebastian Hußler

All the results can be found at: and


Congratulations to al the racers and hopefully again next year!

Brigitte Greimel-Wasner, Lorenz Bogdanovics, Sebastian Wunderer, Leni Haas-Vogl and Luna Bradan


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