Piano Night @ GIBS

This past Thursday evening, November 16th the GIBS community was treated to a very special evening of (mostly) piano music which featured outstanding GIBS piano students from years 2-8.


The program:

Ha An Nguyen, 2b Bach: French Suite no. 2 Allemande, Rachmaninoff: Prelude Op. 32 no. 12

Marlene Seidel, 7i Debussy: Arabesque 2

Lina Platzgummer, 2c Haydn: Sonate in D Telemann: Fantasia

Fabia Fortin, 4c Brahms: Second Hungarian Rhapsody

‘Stoked’ (GIBS band: Julain Zehner 4b, Matthieu Springer 5b, Kalkidan Wube 6b, Richard Senger 4b, Dave Zechner 3b): ‘The No Name Song’ (composed by the band)

Flavia Cavaliere, 8c Debussy: Claire de Lune

Emily Schweighofer, 7b Chopin: Nocturne Op. 15 no. 2

Ajap Gurban, 6b Chopin: Fantasy Impromptu, Pirates of the Carribean, Zimmer


The Fiedler Piano House in Graz has initiated the program ‘Mit Piano durch die Pause’ this year, where schools could ‘borrow’ a (brand new!) Kawai piano to have in an open space of the school building to promote live music performances.  We have been enjoying our piano since October, and have been treated to some amazing performances during the school breaks.  We raised 300 euro at our concert, which will be used towards purchasing a new piano for the ACE area, where many lower school music classes take place.

Yvette Louise Canizares

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February 11, 2018 at 10:25

We have to win this!

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