Nuestro „Viaje“ al Pueblo Hirschegg

So as to make up for a trip not taken last year, students of 6abi spent a few days at a place well-known to them – the place they spent their first KV days together as a class – Hirschegg! The same cabin, same surroundings, just a different language focus! Whereas in year 1 it was all about bonding and speaking English, this time the focus was on gaining deeper insights into the Spanish-speaking world while practicing one´s language skills. Our very own musician co-teacher David as well as his artist co-teacher-wife Ariana (and their adorable daughter Lena) introduced us to the world of acryllic painting and Latin rhythms. Abel Solares, a professional “cuentista” (storyteller) from Guatemala impressed us with enthusiastically (dramatically) told stories from different parts of the world, and Maria Cerrato added much needed insights into the topic of “atención plena” (mindfulness) – a series of relaxation techniques that will definitely come in handy. Andrea Sánchez, language assistant at GIBS, not only worked on extending our vocabularies with much-used colloquial expressions, she also made sure we kept active by starting out the daily programme with a fitness session. Even our very own P.E. teacher Mr. Benac (whose  Spanish is extraordinary!) pitched in with an extended session of “capture the flag”. Thanks to our group of loyal “sous chefs” we were even able to get into the kitchen and prepare a few Latin American dishes (burritos, tortillas, chili con carne). The weather was beautiful, the sunrises and sunsets breathtaking, the group just so much fun! An altogether perfect experience…

Agni Psilinakis & Eva Hofer

Link: pictures

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