Climate Action Wins First Prize!


„And the Umweltpreis der Stadt Graz 2021 goes to …? – The Climate Action Group at GIBS!!” We were awarded the first prize in the category of educational institutions in a festive setting at the Schauspielhaus last Saturday, 2 October. This means 1.000€ to spend on more climate action!

All our projects had the goal to counteract climate change and to show possible approaches to a sustainable lifestyle.  Species protection, mindful use of resources and the idea that “less can be more” in the closet spurred us on. Such recognition of our students’ hard work naturally makes us extremely happy now.

Considering that the group consists of only 11 people, the output of one year’s work was really impressive:  The “Wildflower Project”, the “Twice but Nice” second hand fashion store, the “Upcycling Workshop”. Even the bumblebees got a brandnew hotel, as well! And our Christmas gift to our followers on Instagram were useful DIY videos.

Climate Activists – we are proud of you and so grateful for your amazing commitment which surprised us again and again. Without YOU all these projects would never have been possible.

Thank you, and keep biking, recycling, planting and sharing!

Christa Rauch & Michaela Blumrich

Link: Kleine Zeitung

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