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Last Friday the class of 6i attended an international Zoom conference during the physics lesson, organized by EURECA-PRO STEM.

The colloquium celebrated the international day of women and girls in STEM, which aims to encourage women to participate and pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The three scientists who held presentations were from three different countries and experts in their specific fields.


The first speaker Flor Álvarez Taboada is a forest engineer who specialises in forest health and the development of natural resources. Particularly impressive to the 6i students was the satellite project and space technology,  currently used by the scientist to preserve our natural resources.


The second speaker Inga Maria Eichentopf specialises in the physics aspect of global warming and she is passionate about communicating science to the public. In a simple experiment in her living room she demonstrated the albedo effect and thereby showed the students just how endangered the Earth’s ice landscapes are.


The final speaker Marcin Górski, who is a professor of environmental technology in Poland, highlighted the importance of using and designing sustainable materials for buildings in the future.


Overall, the presentations were very informative and easily comprehensible. We are very much looking forward to participating in more conferences like these and gathering knowledge on new topics!

Una Saric, 6i

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