Buy an Acre of Rainforest

Within the framework of our CAS project we decided to raise money for the organization World Land Trust. World Land Trust is a non-profit charity organization that uses donations to protect wildlife and habitats. We decided to donate to one project in particular namely “Buy and Acre of Rainforest”.  The aim of this project is to use donations to buy parts of the rainforest, that will then become part of nature reserves and will thus help preserve wildlife.

Our project took place on the 5th of June (World Environment Day) and we are happy to say that we received 371€ of donations. This is enough money to purchase 3¼ acres of rainforest and by far exceeds our expectations. We have received notice from World Land Trust that the money we collected will be used to buy land in Argentina. Last but not least: A big thank you to everyone who participated and donated!

Rosa Gjurkowitsch and Sara Reis

Link: The World Land Trust

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