Buenos Dias Argentina

This past Monday, February 3rd GIBS warmly welcomed nearly 100 music students from the St. Andrew’s Scot School, a private K-12 bilingual school located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  St. Andrew’s students who play in the school band and sing in the chorus have been ‘on tour’ over their summer holidays, and we were very happy to host them and be treated to an in-house concert!  Anna-Lena Sturb, 6c joined the Argetinian band and jazz band on alto saxophone.  The program ended with our junior and senior choirs performing ‘Wann du durchgehst durchs Tal’ which featured select students from both choirs performing a verse together as a solo, alongside GIBS staff members Agni Psilinakis and Peter Hois.  To close the concert, both choirs performed ‘Seasons of Love’ under the direction of Argentinian choir director Tomas Merello.

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