BikeGen Installation

This cross-curricular project was born from the desire to take theoretical physics out of the textbook and generate a project that connects two improbable subjects – Physics and Art – as equal partners.

Starting all the way back in fall, we started brainstorming about bicycle generators and disassembling several test bikes in Art class. After that we designed an installation that presents the principles of energy generation, conversion, and storage by means of gears, an alternator, chain combinations, light bulbs as well as a gravity battery fashioned from a block and tackle pulley system. The installation combines convergent and divergent thinking along with the upcycling of used bicycle parts.


We had the chance to present our installation in the Graz Museum and we thank the Graz Museum for inviting us to exhibit our project to the public for two weeks parallel to their current exhibition “Hätte, hätte, Fahrradkette…”

If you miss viewing it at the Graz Museum, you will also have a chance to see it at the summer party and find out how many volts you can generate!

Lina P. and Miguel T., 6i


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