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On a foggy Thursday morning in October, 3c& 3b and 3a&4a went on a trip to Friesach, the oldest city in Carinthia. When we got there, we split the group to engage in some hands-on activities. Some people went up to the tower and the castle hill. Others went to a stone-carving workshop. On the way to the castle, we saw blacksmiths, stone-carvers and woodcutters. When we arrived at the castle hill, there were goats, sheep and two horses. We learned that one horse works from the morning to lunch and the other one worked from the afternoon until the evening. We were very impressed by how they were able to build a tower of 20 meters (they have already managed 16 meters) by only using medieval tools and materials. It was a great struggle to carve a stone.

3c & Ms. Pfistermüller

Link: Burgbau Friesach

The historical experiment

The medieval construction site, located in the southern part of Friesach (the oldest city of Carinthia), which spans over 6.5 hectares, presents a great historical experiment to its visitors. A medieval castle is being erected – with medieval methods only and without modern tools, no motors or electricity. The main contribution to this construction site is established by human efforts and craftmenship as well as animal aid. The highest possible authenticity is the main aim of the project.

Additionally, only natural materials like wood, stone, lime, sand, and water are being used. 400 years of building history, from the Romanesque up to the late Gothic period, are being reconstructed. The castle complex includes the castle’s keep, the residential quarters, a chapel, the bailey, the castle garden and curtain walls with gates and towers (text from the official homepage).

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