3C – Highlights of Vienna

The trip to Vienna was very interesting.

When we arrived in Vienna we had a Scavenger Hunt in the Inner City of Vienna. We learned some facts about the sights and statues that we saw while walking around. One of the sights was the Stephansdom that took more than four hundred years to build. We asked many people for some answers, including the police who were more than happy to help.

Then we went to the famous Mariahilferstraße where our teachers let us go shopping with our friends. The shops were larger than the ones in Graz, so it was slightly different to be in there.

In the evening after shopping, we went to Time Travel and learned a lot about the history of Vienna. It was fascinating.

The next day we went to the parliament and did a democracy workshop. We made a podcast about different journalistic media. You can find it on the homepage of the parliament.

All in all, we loved the trip a lot.

Abhirami & Laetitia



We had the choice of going shopping or to the House of the Sea. I (Adnan) went shopping and Ryan went to the aquarium. The aquarium had 10 floors and had fish and animals that were unique. Animals like monkeys, a crocodile, birds from the Amazon jungle and all kinds of fish of course, they even have sharks although they’re quite small.

Then we went to an amazing time travel experience as a class, the experience had a 4D film part, a VR part, real life dungeons, moving puppets and more. We learnt all about Vienna.

Adnan and Ryan


For Felix and me, the time travel activity was the most interesting. Even though there were a lot of facts, they did it in a funny way, so it was easy to understand. Another thing that made the trip incredibly nice was the hotel. The rooms were comfortable, and the breakfast was so, so good. All in all, it was a really nice trip and we would have liked to stay longer.

Felix and Jonas

We went to “Dialog im Dunkeln“. It was completely dark and we only had these sticks and a woman to guide us through the darkness.


Our time schedule was packed very tightly, so we had to run to the tram station. But the “Dialog im Dunkeln” was worth it. It was completely pitch black, and you had to find your way out. It was really enlightening.


We walked into the darkness in groups of eight and at one point Mrs Kniechtl screamed: “What is that?” “My knee!” said Irene. We all had to laugh because it was so funny. It was about 45 minutes and it really felt like we were blind. We really enjoyed it and when we got back outside it was weird because the sun was shining so brightly. Much brighter than before because we were not used to the sun anymore.

Amira and Eliza

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