3a in Vienna – Our Highlights

My favourite part was the escape room, which was very exciting and we barely got out in time. We had 21 seconds left and the escape room itself was very nicely decorated and very realistic. It was all very cool.

Norman Molnar


My highlight was dinner at the Sägewerk, because you could put your own food together, like if you like cheese or not and because the food was just delicious.

Moritz Eibisberger


I really liked everything. But if I had to choose it would be the escape room. It was a fun activity that I could enjoy with my friends. Vienna was really awesome, I wish it could have been longer.

Carla Spari Bates


I really enjoyed the whole Vienna but what I like most was probably the Time Travel. The 4D movie was really cool but also the part where we got VR glasses and sat in a boat and watched the movie with Sisi.

Anna Mick


What I liked the most about Vienna was the Time Travel. I really liked when we watched the short film in 4D there. Also the experience with the VR glasses was a lot of fun. I liked learning about the history of Vienna in this fun way. The trip was a lot of fun.

Valerie Mang


Vienna was great because of the shops and the sights. My friends and I had a wonderful time because we got a lot of free time. We spent a bit of our time at Starbucks. On the trip there was a lot of walking but it was all worth it in the end.

Max Estebanez

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