Year 2 Ski Trip 2024

During their school ski week, the GIBS second graders embarked on an exhilarating adventure filled with snow-capped mountains and thrilling slopes at Planneralm. Before hitting the powdery trails, they diligently attended a safety instruction course, learning the importance of helmet usage, proper gear, and ski etiquette. With safety at the forefront of their minds, they eagerly tackled the slopes, honing their skiing skills and building unforgettable memories.

Evenings were a time for laughter and bonding as they participated in fun games organized by the school. From snowball fights to igloo building competitions, every moment was filled with joy and camaraderie. These evening activities not only provided entertainment but also fostered teamwork and friendship among the young skiers.

As the week drew to a close, they returned home with rosy cheeks, tired muscles, and hearts full of excitement, already dreaming of their next snowy escapade.

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