World War I Peace Treaties 1919 – 2019

GIBS proudly announces that we are taking part in an Italian/Slovenian/Austrian cross-cultural peace project that has started out with analyzing the failed peace treaties that took place after the First World War and will lead to the analysis of recent wars (in Syria) and the attempts to bring peace to these troubled regions.


Participating Schools:

  • UWC Adriatic Mondo 2000
  • Gibs Graz International Bilingual School
  • Liceo France Preseren
  • ISIS Giosuè Carducci – Dante Alighieri

The respective schools have reflected on the topic, visited museums, held monthly skype conferences to share their findings with the Italian and Slovenian students.

4-8. March 2019

Workshops in Graz

9 students from the UWC Adriatic Mondo 2000 in Duino and 15 GIBS students (5abc) will work on peace topics

5./6. April 2019   

Peace Conference in Duino/Trieste

“Initiative for Peace”

April 5th

Visit to the places of the First World War

Sharing ideas and research findings

April 6th

Conference “Initiative for Peace” in the Auditorium
Film contributions – GIBS film to be presented and discussed, edited by Max Sprung, screenplay by Fabio Fanti

Journalists’ contributions – Peace talks in Syria – mission impossible?

“Let’s play” role game prepared by Liceo Preseren

Martina Pfistermüller-Czar, coordinator


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