TU Graz – Educational Partner

Right at the beginning of this school year, GIBS received a great honor. We were solemnly welcomed as a partner school of the Graz University of Technology. Although we are still at the very beginning of this partnership and have to coordinate our numerous activities in the subjects mathematics, computer science as well as the natural sciences, we have already worked intensively on a cooperation with the TU in the last two school years: in cooperation with the IME (Institute for Machine Elements and Development Methodology), students from the 8th grades participated in a workshop on the topic “Decision Making”. Furthermore, as part of this cooperation, an agreement was made that we can enable 2 female students to do an internship at the TU every year. This took place during the last two summer vacations and gave the girls the opportunity to get an insight into the working areas and possibilities of the TU.

As a school with a strong focus on languages, we are particularly interested in promoting the possibility of technical studies and in fostering enthusiasm for professions with a technical background. At the moment, teachers of GIBS are developing possibilities in a working group, how we can integrate the wide-ranging offer of the TU into our teaching. We are convinced that this partnership will bring us forward as a school community.

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