The Pledging Tree

Have you noticed the tree we attached to the wall on the second floor? It is 4a’s pledging tree to reduce their ecological footprint and leave a green mark during lent let’s call it eco – fasting.

We have asked the kids to think of their daily routines and encouraged them to give up some environmentally harmful behaviour and pick up an environment-friendly routine instead – and make a pledge.

How does it work?

The students will write their name and their pledge on a white leaf silhouette and attach it to the tree. Every time they have fulfilled their pledge they can colour a section on their leaf green. Eventually, the tree will turn green!

If you like the idea feel free to pick up a leaf and make a pledge, too or, even better, share the idea with your class! EVERYBODY is invited to add leaves but please tell your students it’s NOT about sticking a leaf on the tree but about making a commitment and really trying to keep it.

The idea is, the more people the more leaves, the more leaves the more pledges, the more pledges the greener the tree, the greener the tree the smaller our footprint … and maybe even more trees sprouting! Leaves and crayons will be provided right next to the tree.

By the way, did you know you can plant trees while surfing the inernet? Use ECOSIA instead of Google! All the profit from advertizing goes into reforestation projects all over the world. Check it out here, it’s really interesting.

We look forward to your leafy contributions and wish you happy eco-fasting!


Michaela Blumrich and Christa Rauch-Kovatschitsch

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