The House that 6i Built

The 65-hectare museum site showcases historical objects from all the federal states of Austria and offers the opportunity to compare the different types of houses of the individual states. The historical buildings are arranged geographically from east (Burgenland) to west (Vorarlberg). 

The aim of the outing was to get from Graz-Eggenberg to Stübing (15 kilometers) by bike, but due to the rainy weather, the majority of the students used public transportation to get to the open-air museum. Once everybody arrived, the challenge was to build a log house according to the building plan by using pieces of wood, joints and then celebrate the topping-out ceremony.  

The house was built, almost everybody was able to fit in and finally, the hard work was rewarded by a visit to the local inn. While eating, the stories of the “good old days” when schoolteachers had to collect a piece of coal from every student to heat the classroom unfolded and made us compare rural and urban lifestyles as well as broadened our history horizon. 

The newly reshuffled 6i class has now built a house, bought a tea kettle and settled in. 


Martina Pfistermüller-Czar, KV of 6i

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