The Debate Tournament

Last weekend GIBS Debate club competed in the International Ljutomer Debate Tournament Online.  Over 130 teams (and around 400 speakers) from every corner of the world participated. Their hard work really paid off and they performed admirably against teams from Slovenia, Turkey, America, and Qatar. They debated a diverse range of topics including minority artists, the war in Afghanistan, abolishing marriage and social media.

They won three debates and were generally competitive throughout the tournament often against older more experienced students. In the Novice Category GIBS A were ranked 6 out of 30 teams in their division which is an excellent achievement given the year we’ve had. They really enjoyed themselves as well as obviously learning alot. We are all incredibly proud of them for representing GIBS values and themselves so well; in their commitment over the past few weeks, during the actual debates over the weekend, as well as always being friendly, generous and encouraging with the other participants, their opponents.

Great job guys!!

So a big congratulations again to GIBS A: Nathaniel Gaugey, Una  Šarić, Dunja Arsenijević, Ida Yazdani & Zoe Maletz, well done!


Marcas Ó Cribín

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