Sprachenfest der Stadt Graz 2022

GIBS junior choir and over a dozen students performed songs from around the world at the city festival for the European Day of Languages, which took place at the GrazMuseum this past Thursday, September 22nd.  Students were accompanied by Ha An Nguyen 7b as well as Ms. Canizares and former GIBS parent and KUG jazz prof. Renato Chicco on piano. Robert Szenykiv, first violist from the Oberton String Octet played along with violinists Zoe Maletz 7i and Sophie Stangl 5c on several songs.  Nearly every selection was performed by a native speaker!  Music from the following countries was included:

Bosnia: Una Saric (native speaker)

Hungary: Lina Platzgummer (native speaker)

Ukraine: Lana Balic 7i, Emma Eger 7i,Sofia Maiberg 7b, Zoe Maletz 7i, Lina Platzgummer 7i, Christiane Pirker 7i, Una Saric 7i, Elena Schaffer 8b, Valerie Senger 7i, ‘Oy hlodyst son kolo vikon’

India: Harshini Gudiminchi 8i (native speaker)

Croatia: Lana Balic 7i (native speaker)

Vietnam: Ha An Nguyen 7b (native speaker)

Brazil: Matteus Weiss 2b (native speaker)

Greece: Maja Ziampras 4b (native speaker)

Philippines: Reine Rameriz 3b (native speaker)

Slovenia: Maj Braden 4a (native speaker)

Spain: Elena Schaffer 8b (native speaker)

France: Emma Eger & Valerie Senger, 7i

The Junior Choir (2021-2022) performed ‘Sisi Ni Moja’, ‘Who am I’ and ‘What a Wonderful World’.

Yvette Louise Canizares

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