Spanish Exchange San Fernando @ GIBS

¡Hola Graz!

Our exchange students from San Fernando not only brought us some Andalusian blue sky and sun, but also cheered us up with their openness and joyful group spirit! We had lots of fun exploring the city of Graz (heading up the Schlossberg), walking to “Altes Almhaus” (plus endless snowball battles) and tasting all the different chocolate treats at Zotter’s.

Our exchange students also assisted in different classes – learning special “Austrian dances” in PE included – and found out what GIBS school life is all about.

The Spanish delegation was further honoured to have been invited to a special reception at Graz townhall, where GR Dr. Piffl – Percevic gave them a hearty welcome and illustrated the importance of intercultural communication between young people, as the “future” of Europe.

Last but not least, we celebrated our new friendship at the farewell party with Styrian Backhendl, home-made sweets, dancing and picture sessions.

Saying goodbye was not too hard as we are going to see each other again very soon.  We are very much looking forward to our trip to Spain (April 22nd – April 29th 2020)!

A big thank you to the Austrian host families for their wonderful hospitality and also to all colleagues involved!


Eva Hofer-Herrmuth

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