Science on Stage Festival 2019

The Science On Stage Europe is a network of and for STEM teachers of all school levels an provides a European platform for the exchange of teaching ideas.

Last week Ms. Schatz and me had the chance to present the project paper Rockets@Gibs,together with 450 teachers of 37 countries at an exhibition in Cascais. The teachers had also the opportunity to attend interactive hands-on sessions and plenary presentations from teachers for teachers.

The Science On Stage Festival highlights the importance of science and technology in schools and among the public and promotes the exchange of ideas and projects between the science teachers of different countries.


Patrícia Martins Raposo-Weinberger

Link: science on stage

Mrs. Martins Raposo-Weinberger has recently also published an article on Using Storytelling to teach fusion in the classroom in the Writers Edition of Fusion in Europe, the official publication of Eurofusion.




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Elham mehrabadireply
November 10, 2019 at 20:13

I have a sohn,he is 4,5 years old.
We want my sohn to go to international school.please give us Information about your school or we want a appointment to talk about this.
Sincerrely yours

Heinz Knasarreply
November 11, 2019 at 10:47
– In reply to: Elham mehrabadi

Hello Elham,
thank you for your interest in our school. Unfortunately, your son is way too young. Students start at the age of 10 at our school and we do not keep lists this far in advance.
For details see the section ADMISSION on our homepage.

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