Sag’s Multi 2017/18

It all started in September, when our KV Ms Conrad asked  if any of us would like to take part in a two-language speech contest. I thought it sounded like something I would like to do, so I said I would give it a try.

In November I started writing on my first speech (Nobody is perfect) for the regional rounds in Graz (Hasnerplatz). On the 18th of January me, Ms Langbauer and a friend of mine went to Hasnerplatz. I recited my speech and got into the finals.

The finals were on the 1st of March in Vienna. I had to write a new speech (Injustice in one place is a danger to justice in every other) This time Ms Conrad, my mum and another friend joined me. I held my speech and we headed back home.

On the 12th of March Ms Conrad, my dad, a friend and me headed out to Vienna (Wiener Rathaus) one last time, to see who won. The ceremony was amazing, moderated by winners of the last few years. When they called out my name, I could not believe it.

I would like to thank Ms Conrad and Ms Langbauer for making this great experience possible. And my class, 3c, for listening to both of my speeches and giving me feedback. If anyone wants to take part in Sag’s Multi, go ahead! It’s a great experience.

Emily Meixner


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