Photography Competition 2020

Charlotte, Jana, Athena and Claudia from Year 7i conducted the first photography competition in GIBS, in June 2020 as a part of CAS project for the IB Program. All GIBS students and teachers were able to participate and the project was conducted with the help of the CAS Advisors Mrs Greimel and Mr Wardell. There were 4 photography categories in total: Nature, Portrait, Architecture and Animals and each participant was allowed to submit 2 photographs in total, each from a different category. The photos were then uploaded to an online voting form and the students were given the ability to anonymously vote for their favourite photo. The top winners in each category were then awarded with various photography related prizes!

Prize Winners:


  1. Gloria Fanti – 3B
  2. Tabea Solhdju – 5A
  3. Felix Bloom – 6A


  1. Eva Beichel – 7A
  2. Lilli Jesenik – 2B
  3. Flora Guenther – 3B


  1. Maria Sudy – 2C
  2. Johanna Wahrbichler – 2C
  3. Lina Primschitz – 6A


  1. Lina Primschitz – 6A
  2. Atilla Banyai – 4B
  3. Clara Loishacker – 2C

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