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On Friday 18 June, students from years 6 to 8 attended a talk on ‘Applying to University Abroad’, which covered making applications to some of the most popular countries across the world. We were joined virtually by four GIBS alumni currently studying outside of Austria, who gave us an insight into university life in the country they are in, and some tips on making decisions and applications.

The former GIBS students who joined us were:

Larissa Maierhofer (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain – Chemistry Bachelors/Organic Chemistry Masters/Organic Chemistry PhD)

Elisabeth Reinisch (London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK – Psychological and Behavioural Science)

Flavia Cavaliere (ETH Zürich, Switzerland – Computer Science)

Judith Horvath (Ludwigs Universität Freiburg/University College Freiburg, Germany – Liberal Arts and Sciences Bachelors, TU Dresden, Germany – Regenerative Biology and Medicine Masters)

Two weeks earlier an event was also held for those considering applying to Oxford and Cambridge, and we were joined by two GIBS Alumni currently studying at these universities: Yannis Baur (Keble College, Oxford – French & History) and Sara Reiss (Pembroke College, Cambridge – Law), who shared their experiences and advice about studying at and applying to these top universities.

Many thanks to everyone who attended, and to Alen Saracevic (7b) for helping to organise this.


Ms Parrott

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