Dear GIBS community,

Richard Senger and I, Alen Saracevic, from 6B have participated in the Moonshot Pirates #beapirate challenge which is a which is a 3-week competition where we work on innovative solutions for a better future and try to solve some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The winning team will win a trip to Silicon Valley and San Francisco where one will be able to experience the startup life which will help us realize our idea.

From June 22nd (noon) until June 28th (noon) everyone will be able to vote daily via this link.


Our idea is MOSS, the Multipurpose Odor Sensing System, which is an electronic nose. We have decided to use MOSS for a Food Waste Reduction Unit which will detect mold early and accurately. Then the user will get an alert over the app to either eat or donate the specific food. If one decides to eat it recipes will be compiled with all of the ingredients and if one decides to donate it one will be directed to the nearest food bank. Our product will simultaneously reduce food waste and solve world hunger.

It would really mean a lot because 5 out of 7 teams that go to the final pitch are solely picked by the number of votes. You will also not only be voting for us but also for a cause that will prevent food waste and stop world hunger.


Throughout the challenge we have invested a lot of time and developed our idea in many ways from making an app mockup to explaining in detail how the technology would work.

If you have any questions send us an email or a message on Instagram:


Further information: link.

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