Känguru Competition @ GIBS

They were seen sketching, calculating and thinking hard to solve the logical riddles.


We want to congratulate the following students on their outstanding results:


Year 1: Aurel Maiberg (1a) 92,5 points

Year 2: Lilia Zach (2b) 100 points

Year 3: Sara Mujagic (3b) 75,25 points

Year 4: Sebastian Hußler (4b) 143,75 points

Year 5: Leon Maiberg (5c) 125 points

Year 6: Ha An Nguyen (6b) 121 points

Year 7: Jonas Hassler (7i) 107,5 points

Year 8: Niklas Begander (8a) 111,25 points


We’re still waiting on how they did Styria- and Austria-wide, so keep your fingers crossed 😊

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