Hockey Tournament

This year, five GIBS-Teams took part in the hockey tournament at Unionhalle on December 20th. They showed a very good performance and had a lot of fun together. The boys of lower school won a very close final against BRG Kepler Graz and therefore they will play at the Austrian School Championships in Mödling on the 13th and 14th of March.

Congratulation to all participating teams and their achievements!


Upper school girls

  1. BG BRG Klusemannstraße Graz
  2. GIBS Graz

Upper school boys

  1. BG Lichtenfels Graz
  2. HDBLF Bruck an der Mur
  3. GIBS Graz 
  4. HTBLA Kaindorf

Lower school girls U14

  1. BG BRG Klusemannstraße Graz
  2. GIBS Graz 1 
  3. GIBS Graz 2 

Lower school boys U14

  1. GIBS Graz 
  2. BRG Kepler Graz
  3. HRG Mürzzuschlag
  4. BG BRG Klusemannstraße Graz

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