GIBS Girls Stand Together

February 15th, 2018: The girls of 1ABC continued the fine tradition of winning the annual Basketball Cup held amongst schools in Graz. Despite cancellations due to a flu epidemic, our team won 8:4 in an exciting final against BG/BRG Seebacher. What they lacked in height and experience they made up with dedication, perseverance and team spirit. Congratulations!

Our team:

1A Görög Theresa, Urbicher Kathi, Uldl Nina
1B Gissy Elodie, Valero Alizee, Haßler Johanna, Reiter Hanna
1C Arvay Jule, Ehler Lilian, Bernasch Lilly, Brun Anna, Sommer Miriam

Isabella Seiner

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