From Graz to Vienna to Belgrade!

On the 03.06 we sent two teams to compete at the prestigious STAATSMEISTERSCHAFT SCHÜLERINNEN DEBATTIEREN

We were welcomed by the president of Austria who sent a video message through to us. Some of the students were also lucky enough to have former president Heinz Fischer on their jury panel.  Our students performed admirably in a different debate format, in German and in a tight finish our more experienced team finish an amazing 3rd missing out on the final by a single speaker point.   Four of the speakers in the final are also teammates of Valentina and Sofia on the Austrian National Debate Team so we were of course happy to support them in their success!

Well done to all our students; Valentina Stock, Sofia Schuppler, Igor Kizik, Nina Kainz-Kaufmann, Rafael Kozak, Felix Fintl & Joshua Polt!

Special thanks to Mr Ó Cribín Soldo and Mr Benac for accompanying the teams and acting as judges on the juries to make sure the competition continued to run with a high calibre of judges.

In other news we want to congratulate Valentina and Sofia for their recent success in Poland representing us on the national team. They broke 7th overall which is already a great achievement but then proceeded to beat their higher ranked competition to get to the final, nicely played!

They are busy preparing for their Big Moment in Belgrade, preparing online with small spars against other national teams and competing in an online competition  jointly organised by Oxford & Cambridge.


Best of Luck in Belgrade at the World Debate Championships!


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