Flea market for Rainbows – CAS Project

On the 29th and 30th November eight very committed GIBS students from year 7 and 8 volunteered to help and work at the flea market of Rainbows – an organization devoted to help and support children and adolescents going through their parents’ divorce or the death of a close relative or important person in their life. The booth was built up at the entrance of IKEA in Graz and included a huge repertoire of donated items. From clothes to games over ice skates, books, DVDs and skis – everything could be found. All the collected items were donations collected by our thoughtful and conscientious GIBS students reaching from grade 1 to 8. Over several weeks more and more donations came in and were transported to IKEA the day before the flea market. With the help of two very kind representative ladies of Rainbows we gathered for those two days and managed to raise 731€! The earned money will now be used for a good cause namely to aid children and young teenagers during difficult and emotional times. Thank you for all the donations!

Magdalena Offenbeck, Lili Herrgott, Marie Eigner, Kalkidan Wube, Lea Jesic, Lana Lazarevic`, Joud Al Rasheid and Cara Mickiewicz


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