Financial Education

Amidst the preparations for the KV days and the summer party, 7a and 7b attentively sat, listened and participated in a financial education workshop offered by Dipl. Ing. Felix Nairz and Mag. Michael Harb from the organization “MoneyRevolution”. The students were able to share their opinions on various topics through interactive surveys and then see the results of the entire group in word clouds and diagrams.  After this round of surveys, the lecturers focused on specific topics such as financial goals, “good” vs. “bad” debts and saving vs. investing. The students were invited to share their views and enjoyed the opportunity to ask all kinds of finance-related questions. They had lively discussions on whether to lease a car in the near future or rather save their first income to invest in bonds and stocks or real estate. Although the students felt a bit tired towards the end, they said that the information they received was relevant and interesting. Here are some of our students’ thoughts:


„Der Workshop war sehr interessant und lehrreich. Es war interessant zu lernen, dass man in Aktien, Gold, Immobilieninvestments und Aktienfonds investieren kann.“

“I really liked this workshop and I am grateful that such educational opportunities are offered to us.”

“I learned a lot from the workshop and have less worries now. I know how to invest better now and also know who I can ask if I have any questions.”

“I found the workshop really interesting and informative, especially because it answered questions I have always been asking myself – and my dad (e.g. how investing works), but we never knew the answers…  So I really recommend it for future classes!”


Thank you, Mr. Nairz and Mr. Harb, for sharing your expertise with our students.

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