European Day of Languages 2017 – From Me 2 U

Every year around September 26 we celebrate the European Day of Languages. At GIBS we have an interactive project for this special day. During the first two periods Year 8 students prepare and organize short English lessons of 15 minutes each for Year 1 students, 15 work stations in all. Not only do they plan and teach the lessons, they also take over the entire organization and timekeeping and emcee the opening and closing ceremonies. After the two periods of preparation Year 8 students pick up Year 1 students from their classrooms and the fun begins.

This year Flavia, Konrad and Jiyeon were in charge of the program. The opening ceremony started off by Elli clapping cool rhythms while encouraging 150 students to join in. Everybody loved it. After that the students split up into their groups and there was an hour of fun language lessons. Some danced, some sang, some played, some drew but everyone was speaking English, Croatian,French or other languages. To finish off everybody gathered to sing The Pony song. Year 8 students enjoyed jumping and dancing around just as much as Year 1 students. The whole project went very smoothly thanks to Year 8’s creativity and brilliant organization and Year 1’s enthusiastic participation. Thanks once again to all involved – From Me 2 U was a great success.

Elisabeth Bauer, Laurel Scofield, Amy Haveron, Daniela Knapp, Erica Huber and Brigitte Greimel-Wasner

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