Erasmus+ project – Germany

At the beginning of December, we (Matthieu, Alex, Max and Nele) got to spend 5 days in Mainz, Germany. Together with Danish, French, Spanish and German teenagers we learned a lot about international “Food trends” and got to do many great activities as a group. Not only the multicultural group but also the outstanding teamwork made the trip worth it.

Before we left, we had worked on collecting information about trendy places in Graz and trendy food 30 years ago by interviewing restaurant owners and our parents. On site, we compared this information to the one collected in the other countries. As a follow-up we also visited new and trendy cafés and restaurants in Mainz, where we got to eat an excellent variety of food. The trip also included a visit to the chemical company BASF and the sugar factory “Offstein”. Both places were quite interesting and helped us finding out more about sugar beet cultures and chemicals in food. Yet, the smell of sugar beets stayed on us for another week. 😊 Furthermore, we visited a university canteen, had lunch at the school canteen and strolled around the famous and beautiful “Mainzer Weihnachtsmarkt”. One day we even went to a “clip-and-climb” climbing gym where we had lots of fun.

In conclusion, it was an amazing trip which we all enjoyed to the fullest! It was great being part of the Erasmus+ project and the multicultural group. Also, we made a lot of friends over all of Europe and got to know more about different cultures.

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