Dutch International Online Debating Championship

Last weekend, GIBS Students took part in an international virtual debating tournament. They competed against teams from China, Ireland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Italy in a competition with over 200 particpants from all across the globe. They had been preparing diligently during the last few weeks in the GIBS Debate Club and in their free time, but their hard work really did pay off! They performed exceptionally well winning two debates; demonstrating their intelligence and critical thinking skills, engaging with tough but interesting topics, and showed a good awarenss of global issues all of which are skills we strive to encourage in our students at GIBS. They represented the school (and country) well not only during the debates but also in reaching out to their opponents afterwards to offer congradulations and socialise virtually. Despite the current circumstances and restrictions on our lives it is great to see that our students can overcome these difficulties to put their best selves forward.

Marcas Ó Cribín

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