#Challenge 9 aus 72 – YoungCaritas

In September 2020 we were invited to take part in a social campaign:“Do you want to get involved and be there for others during this challenging time? Then take part in #Challenge9aus72 and help where it is currently most needed. Because right now we need active solidarity. So become part of the Austria-wide youth social campaign, select your challenges and set an example!”

5C decided to go for it!

We split up into six groups and all selected two challenges from different areas: social policy, neighbourhood aid, craft, community service, creativity, and sustainability.We met in our free time and enjoyed vegan cooking, finding out more about gender stereotypes, built an insect hotel for our school yard, went shopping for neighbours during the lockdown and played the organ in the biggest church in Graz.

Last week representatives from youngcaritas came to school and we are happy to be the winners of Styriacard vouchers for a 5C class trip/food/wellness in the summer semester 2021.

Brigitte Greimel-Wasner


Link: Challenge 9 aus 72

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