Cardiologist Dr Nicolas Verheyen Visits Year 1

After learning (and learning) about the heart, students of all three year one classes had the special opportunity to have cardiologist Dr Nicolas Verheyen visit GIBS to speak to them.

The students were well prepared and Dr Verheyen used interesting slides, analogies and videos to extend their knowledge.  Some of these showed real life heart images.  The children were excited to be able to see a valve problem on an actual patient.

Here are a few direct quotes from our young students.

  • „….es war sehr spannend und ich habe viel gelernt zum beispiel dass man die Herzklappen austauchen kann“
  • „I really liked your presentation and what I really liked about the presentation is the video.”
  • “…it was very interesting and I learned a lot about the heart and how it works.”
  • “I liked it how you explaind everifing and put videos and fotos on a powerpoint.”
  • “Ich habe gelernt das man durch die Hand einen Schlauch bis ins Herz steken kann.“
  • “I liked how you thought us from ur personal experience.  Ich mochte dass sie uns von Ihrer eigenen Erfahrung erzählt haben.“

Thank you Dr Verheyen!

Nini Heugle

Biology Department

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